Sharepoint Mass Check In


SharePoint Batch Check In  v.2.10.508.2

You can now check in a whole group of documents all at once. Possibility is also given to upload & simultaneously check in multiple documents, even to edit the values of the columns as documents are checked in.

Check In/Out Organizer Pro  v.3.1

Check In/Out Organizer Pro is a flexible check-in and check-out transaction management software that you can easily customize to your specifications.


Check In/Out Organizer Pro (loan/return in quantities)  v.3.1

Track items that you check in and out in large quantities. Windows software.

Fellowship One Check-in  v.2 5

Fellowship One Check-in has an intuitive touch-screen interface and can use an optional bar-code reader or fingerprint scanner for even faster and more secure kid check-in.

Check In Kiosk  v.11 2

The PowerChurch Software Check In system works along side PowerChurch Plus or PowerChurch Online to provide you an affordable and easy to use Check In system. Check In settings are tied to specific Events and Activities in PowerChurch Plus.

SharePoint Scanner Plug-in Professional  v.6.0

SharePoint Scanner Plug-in Professional is a strong tool for scanning documents right into a document library. Scanner Plug-in is realized as set of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 features and distributed as SharePoint solution (wsp).

Auto check-in  v.

Tired of manual do check-ins at your favorite places? Auto check-in is all you need to make your phone works for you! Simply configure your favorites venue, the time range, and other options, and we will automatically check you in as soon as you get

Easy Check-In  v.

This app allows you to make quick check-in to Facebook Places, e.g., in five seconds. It found all places within 300 meters of your current location and allow you to complete the check-in with just a couple of clicks. Privacy Policy When you choose

1st To Check-In  v.

The easiest way to Check-In to Foursqaure! Super quick. Super easy. No distractions. Features: • Quick Check-In • View Venues by • Most Visited Venues • Closest Venues • Best Guess depending on history, popularity, and proximity •

Check In Desk  v.1.0

Check In Desk is a way for organizations to keep track of attendance and increase security.

Check In Desk Lite  v.1.0

** This free version will not save information for more than 24 hours **Check In Desk is a way for organizations to keep track of attendance and increase security.

Websio SharePoint Scanner Plug-in 2010  v.6.0

Using the Websio SharePoint Scanner Plug-2010, paper documents can be scanned on a document scanner and sent to specific locations in SharePoint for storage and ongoing document lifecycle management.

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